Pan - GMO Card 23 Picture

Medium: Acrylics and coloured pencils
Size: 8.5"x11"
Represents: Sexuality

Busy, busy, busy ... I was working on Ares and totally messed up his face after almost finishing the entire painting. So I carefully washed the paint back of his face in a mad hope that I could salvage a couple of days work if the paper was not too badly damaged.

And while I waited for paper to dry on one painting, I decided I had best start another and that 'nother' is this wee depiction of Pan. He is everything Ares is not. The Ares painting is a see of red and black, while this one is green with creams and whites. Ares flowed until I began to work on his face, and then turned into a nightmare. Pan has been a delight.

He has restored my senses and now I am ready to work on Ares again.
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