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Here is Fumuma again. This picture may look pretty sloppy and I am sorry. The idea of this picture came to me at random and I had to draw and color it before I forgot.
While we are looking at the Sea snake again, this will be a good time to talk more about this troll in particular. Also, I will most likely do this for the trolls I have so far created and adopted. I will name the picture after their chum handle and then show you their profile.

Now that we have that out of the way, now for ze profile!

Name: Fumuma Nymphē

Blood: Fuchsia [Tyrian]
Appearance: He has REALLY long and thick hair that he is really proud of. The hair usually drags on the ground, so he is usually seen wearing ornate hairpins (usually golden). In the front of his hair, he has bangs that hang low on his face, to the point that they cover his eyes. The reason for this could be to hide his abnormal snake-like eyes. He has a "figure" due to the altering effect of the plant that his ancestor has discovered. He is often mistaken as a female even after his secret was discovered. He also has soft facial features while his body shows signs of tone here and there. The main feature that he isn't all so proud of (until his matesprit came into the picture) was his rear. It is unusually rounder and bigger than any of the males, even to the point of rivaling some of the females' that he has talk to. This is one of the reasons why he rarely wears pants even with those in his quadrants.
Matesprit: Vansil (doubles as a Moirail)
Moirail: Casper (rarely sees her....There may be a hidden pun here)
Kismesis: Salinx (does a good ass job in keeping fish boy here in check as well)
Ansestor: [Imperial] Guerlain Shalimar (The Succubus)
Dancestor: Chanel
Lusus: Seadad. A mixture between a sea snake and a Kissing Gourami. Has a snake body, but also has HUGE lips, fins, and fins at the end of his tail.
chum handle: smokeofTapputi
Type quirk: SsSsSs for every "s" in every word. Sea puns can be as obsessive as wanted (go nuts XD). Unlike his Dancestor [Chanel], he only uses faces when he is annoyed or worried about someone
Fetch Modus: Alchemy. The items turn into flowers for Fumuma to produce into a perfume. He picks a few of the flowers to mix together to get the perfect notes of scents that he wants. After he is done, he sprays the mist in the air, and it turns into the item he wanted to pick.
Name meaning: Fumum-the latin word for perfume. Added the "a" to make it six letters
Nymphē-has to do with Fumuma's "aliment". This will be explained in a little bit.
God tier: Page of Breath
Symbol: Originally, he had the symbol of Ophiuchus, but this is relative to change to the Lyre…

Your name is Fumuma Nymphē. You may be around seven or eight sweeps old, but you have been through enough drama for one millennium. You are the owner of the rare TYRIAN blood, deeming you the sole heir to the throne. This may seem like a blessing to others, but it isn't. Ever since you were a wiggler, you had to hide at least some aspect of yourself. Didn't matter if it had to do with you being a RAINBOW DRINKER, the fact that you are the wiggler of a DIFFERENT tyrian blood, or the fact that you are indeed a MALE, you were always in hiding. In fact, the main reason why you haven't being culled already is because of your status and the SEA SNAKE lusus your ancestor hooked you up with when you were born. Another reason that your life was sparred could also be linked to your talent of PERFUME MAKING. Your ancestor was renowned for HIS perfumes, to the point they saved his life as well. Whatever the reason is, you aren't all that liked by your peers. No, you aren't a snooty bitch...well you try not to be. This will be explained later to those who don't know.

Now that it is later, now it can be explained. You suffer from an aliment that is constantly messing with your think pan. You don't know what it is, but you can only describe it as a "BURN" for any troll, male or female, don't really wanna say, in saying the "b" word could TRIGGER suck thoughts from taking over you. Your body would "burn" day in and day out. It has sometimes gotten so bad that you can't be in the same room with a BUCKET! It wasn't until you ran into this book your ANCESTOR has wrote that you find out why this burn won't leave you, but, sadly, the damage has already been done. Due to your SEA SNAKE LUSUS not really teaching you all that much when it came to respecting other troll's boundaries, you have found yourself in countless FIGHTS and ARGUMENTS from angry trolls protecting those in their QUADRANTS. Fight after fight began to take of toll on your body and on your mental state.

You became DESPERATE for troll interaction that wouldn't end in bloodshed. You did have one troll that could of been what humans consider a FRIEND, but they only used you for your blood. After one night that they drunk a little too much blood, you died. Luckily, you were revived as a RAINBOW DRINKER...Lucky may not be a good word for it. You were still stuck in a place where you had no one. Oh yeah, and about the friend, you hunted him down and strangled him to death with your METEORKIND. You regretted NOTHING. Days just seemed to MERGE and FADE into eachother until you met your matesprit. He was the only one that seemed INTERESTED and not AFRAID of you. As soon as you two met, you never let him go, AFRAID that he may reconsider and leave you. You can't help it, LOADS have done that to you and it is a FORCE OF HABIT for you at this point. But, if he has been with you for this long, then that means he's in it for the long haul right...right???

Your lusus is an odd snake snake. Your sea snake lusus is pretty clingy, always finding an excuse to wrap around you, but you never complained. The lusus tried to explain to you why you are constantly burning, but, when you were younger, you thought he was just telling you anything to make you stop asking the subject. After the death of the lusus however, it feels so much emptier in your hive, until you began swimming and hanging out with your matesprit. You still had to thank your lusus for being there for you, so you had a friend to make a beautiful dress out of your lusus. You vowed not to wear it until you have found "that one" and "have cleared your ancestor's name"

Since you have the highest blood in the casts system, you have a pretty spacious hive. Your hive is constantly filled with the scent of rare and sweet smelling flowers. Your walls are decorated with gold colored wall frames. Strolling around the hive's flooring are books that have to do with rare flowers, Mythology, or Alchemy. Your floor and your walls are the same color as your blood. Surprisingly, your hive may be under water, but there isn't any water inside of it. This is because you have created a passage way for those that was to come to your hive to travel through. You made sure that there are enough air pockets between swimming trips for other trolls to come to your hive. You have only told just a few trolls about the secret trail, not really sure about what would happen if others know.

When you were younger, you were just like any young troll. You had a taste for adventure and weren't afraid to fight. Now, due to discovering your roots and your ancestor, you became more reserved. You sometimes stayed in your hive all night and day, not wanting to be TRIGGERED or to be BEAT UP for a misunderstanding. When your quadrants began to fill, you gradually opened up, the security of knowing there are trolls out there that make sure that you don't lose your mind healing your past wounds. [even though a good amount were by your Kissmesis, but that it a different story] You have been taught however to have poise and to try to stay calm by your lusus since your blood does mark you as the next ruler.

The Succubus (or, what they were first know as was Guerlain) was once a SCRIBE to Condesce He worshiped her and gave her everything that she wanted without any hesitation. He was jealous of her beauty and wanted so bad to emulate such beauty himself. Of course, he wasn't immune to Condesce's culling eyes either. She didn't want to cull Guerlain in just any way though. She wanted him to fail some impossible task so that it seems like she had a reason to cull him, thinking that it be more fun seeing the servant beg for mercy before his death. The task was to: "turn some flowers into liquid, but make sure to RETAIN their scent." Guerlain was given the end of a sweep to get this done. He worked as hard as he can, especially since he hasn't had any training in alchemy until then. When he made it back to The Condesce's hive, she thought he failed, only to give her the first alternian perfume bottle on a silver platter. Surprised and pleases, the Condesce had an idea. She promised Guerlaid that he won't be up for culling if he remained celibate. That way, the perfume recipes won't be lost and she won't have to worry about any other trolls threatening her rein...or so she thought. Over the sweeps, Guerlain began to act and look differently. His features were softer and more delicate while his introverted personality was slowly taken over by a feral personality. The troll became more and more concerned about pleasures of the body rather than serving the EMPRESS. Word started to spread about this as Guerlain began to copulate with more and more trolls.

One troll, THE OBSERVER, took it into her hand to study about the almost bestial change that happened to the troll over the sweeps and they were unsettling to say the least. The change in behavior have been caused by this plant called the "Sucuroot". This plant was known for its sweet and delicate scent, but no one could of predicted that the plant would cause whoever was around its scent for a very long time to go mad with the thoughts of BUCKET FILLING. FILLING ALL THE BUCKETS! The perfume that contained the ingredient was made for Guerlain and for himself only, hogging the scent away from the EMPRESS. The Condesce didn't notice, being detracted by what else was happening (The Rebellion, MindFang, The Signless) while Guerlain was working behind the scenes, FILLING BUCKETS with any troll that was willing (or not but this is up to speculation). Guerlain became more and more alluring to those that looked his way, but at a price. He written in his book that he is constantly ailed by this BURNING deep inside of his body. One that SOPOR SLIME couldn't quench. The only thing that can make the fire die a tad is "joining with a troll and milk them of their genetic material". Of course, after meeting the right people and the right political figures, Guerlain, or the [Imperial] Shalimar he was later called went to take the crown from the Condescesion. This would prove to be his downfall. His VANITY, LUST, and GREED done him in along with his cult.

Due to all the depraved actions the Tyrian did for the reputation of the highbloods, some of the highblood made up stories to cover the event up. The most popular written and painted by THE PAINTER. The story explaining that THE SUCCUBUS was a demon sent to BEFORUS to drain the lives of trollkind. The story was passed on to the next generation where the Succubus's descendant (Fumuma) clears the name of Guerlain Shalimar. Many didn't believe you, thinking YOU were making up stories. At the end of the day, you didn't care. Their name was cleared either way.

That is all that I can think some right now. If you have anything that you think I need to go into detail on, then just let me know and I will add it accordingly.

Fumuma Nymphē, The Painter, The Observer, and The Succubus ©
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