Relics Envy - Chaos Picture

||○Name: Quinn (Quentin Khloe Evans-Ortiz)
||•Screen Name: ChaoticArbitrator
||○Age: 20
||•Gender: Male
||○Height: 6'7"
||•Race: Satyr

||○Class: Bard
||•Subclass: Destructive Symphony
||○Skill: Vocal Corruption; Causes the offensive spells other bards in the party may be casting to turn into buffering or healing spells, which or what it turns into is dependent on what is needed the most.

||•Personality: Charismatic, friendly, he’s a lover not a fighter, he tends to just go with the flow (as long as he isn‘t face to face with someone - - It’s amazing really how different he is on the phone or online vs. face to face)
||○Likes: Mythology, adorable things, that warm fuzzy feeling, Shakespeare, the ladies~
||•Dislikes: When he can’t come up with a good rhyme, when people interrupt his songs, having people correct him, having to resort to brute force, meeting people irl, socializing unless it’s on the phone or online.

||○History: Quinn mounts his gallant steed and rides along the countryside every morning delivering parcels to those who would call it home. After which he returns to his homestead to wrangle in the beasts- before settling down for some rousing experiments in socializing. (He rides around on his moped delivering papers in the morning and then returns to his grandparents attic to fix commissioned computers, after which he spends the rest of his day- into the late night- online, playing mmorpgs.)
He lives with his grandparents because his parents still haven’t returned from their trip around the world to visit every possible country, which they set out on when he was two. They send him letters on a monthly basis though.
(Not much, other than his parents leaving, is known about his early childhood or preteen years)
||•Overview: He has problems socializing with people face to face, he always has really, his reaction to someone introducing themselves to him is to stand there and stare at them until they feel awkward and leave, which usually happens as it takes about an hour for him to gather himself up enough to give a coherent response. In the body of Chaos it doesn’t really bug him though. Especially since the only feature they share is eye colour, he greatly enjoys this chance to be everything he’s never allowed himself to be before.

||○Other: Random Facts!
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