BanaLajo` Early Concept Picture

This is BanaLajo`Haoso (bana-lah-zho. ha-oh-so.) A character from a fighting game I've been theorizing for a few years, His name is Esperanto for something... I forget. This is a rough reference from when I was still in high school in fact. Circa 2006, English class. The game's main plot has a lot to do with zodiacal and greek mythology. BanaLajo` is the Saggitarius of a 13 character roster.

Info on Lajo here is based around his role in the game. He's my Dhalsim/Janemba in terms of combat, and my Gohan in terms of plot. Lajo is one of the last chaos demons left in the world. The general public at large, seems to think them extinct, or largely non-threatening (prone to tricks and mischief). Unless one were to tap into it's dormant side and transform.

BanaLajo` is the leader of a Heaven's Plateau street gang of other chaos demons, known as The School of 7 Hells and 8 Arrows. He can often be found with his animated entourage roaming the streets. They play tricks on the public, and generally cause a nuisance, and often scam and steal, if not to survive than for fun. But that quickly changed when the they're leader came into a possession of a star shard that can generate enough energy to allow him to transform.

In combat Lajo` relies on his deceptively dominant reach, unusual mobility, and shameless tricks. He can strech his arms up to 3 times their original length, and uses the horizontal stripes on his arms to confuse his opponent. He can teleport short distances utilizing his chaos demon abilities, actually traveling through a infinite housing dimension. He uses said dimension to store his personal bounty, and hurl random objects at enemies. The longer a QCF+P is held the bigger and more devastating the random item is, from pots and pans, to subway cars and tractors.

BanaLajo` is known for his wispy orangish afro puff, and his signature baseball-bat. His trusted gang numbers at only 3.5, but they're always at the boss's side. During any fight when Lajo's is used his posse crowds the sidelines of the stage cheering him on, and ready to interfere if he loses. Lajo` is prideful, and young (19) but quite ruthless when called upon. Especially when in his fully demonic form. His 1-hit-KO technique has him sprinting through several portals before savaging the opposing character with his bat, and then turning to leave as a dozen unknown chaos demons appear to an unheard call to beat the loser to death.

Hopefully something or someone can pry him from this path of darkness before the game is over..... more to come
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