Xrices meme 2 Picture

It seemed a lot of people liked the last one but I wasn't happy with it, So I decided to do it again. I stuck with some of the designs from the last one but I also changed some.

Normal: Just Xrice as is
Timeless River: I still love this one :>
Olympus Coliseum: This was half-hearted, I'm sorry. I couldn't think of anything.
Agrabah: Xrice...leave the snake alone...
Atlantica: yup
Halloween town: I still like this one too
Neverland: Xrice kinda...shot down peter pan... he's a bat, btw
Prideland: Still a hyena, but he's digging something up this time
Port Royal: again with the gunpowder o.o
Space paranoids: I like this one a lot better than the last
100 Acre Woods: He's probably some sort of voodoo doll. I felt like he'd probably stick out some from what normally is there.
Land of Dragons: He's probably not within the proper mythology here, but I liked the idea
Beasts Castle: I watched beauty and the beast a little while ago again for the first time in ages, and when I saw the glasses didn't have eyes I immediately thought of Xrice
Deep jungle: because he would totally do that
Wonderland: I remember reading alice in wonderland and down the rabbit hole a little while ago, and I remembered the gnat. It seemed fitting
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