Head as a machine-horse piston Picture

Aye this was the first project for my scupture class at York Uni -
they let me use burning things
I welded this! Out of steel rod!
So the project was called head as a machine, and from that theme we had to work. Since the prof said we were allowed to use the animal head if we'd like, I automatically thought to doing the project as a horse head with machinery in it to represent the connection between certain animals and technology. I considered an Ox, since it could have glorious horns, but I forget why that didn't pan out O.o;;. We've worked animals in the past - horses, dogs, random cattle; work animals were used and sometimes abused like the technologies we have today. With the industrial revolution, as you all know, animals were replaced, but we still seem to have a conection between the two. We refer to the strength of an engine in 'horse power'. We call a strong machine a 'beast'. There are cars named 'jaguar', 'mustang', 'viper', 'barracuda', and 'thunderbird' (although that's more mythology, but bare with me). Over time I developped the machinery on the inside to resemble a piston from a car engine - not the original plan, but much more fitting with the horse power link.

This ended up being picked by the prof to be in the sculpture show, and was hung on the wall - made a pretty cool oblong shadow when it was hung up (the head was facing down, like a mounted animal head from hunting ^^ - more symbolism!).

It could of been more developped, and it is a little lopsided, but since I had to do all the work inside the studio my time was limited more than it was in any other studio course. I think that was my biggest enemy there - especially since I missed a class for a seneca appointment (which was worth it ^^).

Me wants to weld again!
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