Bookstore Spider Picture

Every good antique bookstore must have a spider.
I happened to see this little arachnid dangling from a flowering cactus that was on top of a bookshelf.
It was a nice bookstore, and I bought five books there. There was a sale going on that day and I found a lot of good books. They look like really good ones. I'm still really into fantasy; most of the books I got were fantasy genre. I'm glad I found them there, because I'm really enjoying them so far. I wouldn't have minded if I hadn't found them, since I wouldn't have known about them, but I am glad that I found them. I love finding new good books.

New Books:
-Birth of the Firebringer by Meredith Ann Pierce (The book is about unicorns, gryphons, pans, dragons and wyverns, and takes a darker spin on the fictional creatures, as well as creates new mythological behavior of the creatures. Very cool!).
-Darkest Age: The Coming of Dragons by A.J. Lake (It's about dragons, but also gives a new idea and explanation of mythologies, specifically Norse legends. I love it!)
-Murder She Wrote: Murder at the Powderhorn Ranch by Jessica Fletcher (
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