Nimgia Wars - Princess Alice Picture

Okay, this is where I explain a bit more of the story. This is the Princess of Nimgia, and, as the story begins, she becomes the queen of Nimgia. Basically there was a war going on in her world of fantasy characters and such, basically the warrior-civilization of mythologies was warring against the predominantly peacful country of fairy tales and whatnot.

Loosing the fight, Alice gathers the most key parts and people of her contry into one island and transports it over night to a new world, Terra.

Which is more or less our world in the 1920s.

Terra doesn't react to well to a mystical peter-pan-island appearing over night, so they are quick to investigate. Soon the princess is on the brink of yet another war to defend her people, but this one should be much easier to handle.

The story is about a young terran named Lien out to stop the war and bring peace between the two worlds.

The princess has the ability to weave her imagination into reality, as well as the power to give gifts to others. When she knights a subject, usually a gift is accompanied with the knighting.
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