Adversary Picture

Whee, spur-of-the-moment Disney crossovers! I have to say that my characterization of Peter Pan comes from Barrie, not the Disney film.
"Pan, if I may have a word... Did you read mythology as a child? Is that where the absurd surname comes from?"

"I'm still a child," Peter smirks.

"Which explains why you crashed your last pirate boat. Ship, ship. I have been navigating many seas, Neverland included, for quite some time. My Black Pearl could be of service to you."

"And I'll be captain."

"You're not fit to be captain."


"You have all the irritating narcissism of childhood. Pirates can't abide narcissism and neither could...oh, what was her name, Miss Wendy?"

"Who's that?"

"Point proven. As you smashed your Jolly Roger into a lagoon, the only other pirate ship at your disposal is the Pearl. My Pearl. I shall be captain, you can hire whoever you want, but the Pearl's mine."

The boy who never grew up considers. "...Deal."

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