Satyr - WIP Picture

Here is another Character I sketched that I wanted to turn into a painting (I tend to sketch a lot... if I posted all that I sketched, my gallery would be ten times larger than it is at the moment... at least).

So we start with the pencil sketch (values/contrast tweaked in Photoshop), there I put it as it's own layer, invert the colors (black is made white and white to black), and change the layer blending to difference. Doing this gives me a whitesketch on dark colors, and black on lights... the only time it becomes muddled is when it gets into the middle value range. Once I block in the shapes with a medium color value, I lower the opacity and then refine my painting. Rinse, repeat over and over until done. as you can see, the head of the Satyr is the furthest along, haven't put as much time in on the rest... Thus the reason for it being a WIP.

Definitely one of my Favs so far that I have painted... I really need to do some facial anatomy studies, but for now, gonna just go with what I know.

PS. I almost didn't want to give him pupils after I got the result in the top middle-right image XD
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