A Faun Picture

This is one of my favorite sketches so far for many reasons. First off, it was inspired by Pan's Labryinth... an amazing movie! This wasn't meant to look like the faun, but after watching the film I was really inspired to draw one, and the spiral theme was taken from the movie as well. I used no ref and drew this in a *puke* church pew *puke* with a pencil that had no eraser. o.o So what I drew, went. No erasing. Yes I could have touched up some stray lines and fixed some things later, but I decided not to. Because I liked the idea of having something to show off that represented what I could do with no refs, and no editting. A very raw image, if you will.

As I have said (I believe?) this is my most recent sketch so far, and I believe I've made a bit of a leap as far as talent is concerned, while I'm still convinced I have none. xD My camera-taken pics of sketches on paper look so shitty it makes me want to cry. D: I believe that if I had a tablet, I could produce some art that wouldn't make your eyes want to bleed. Oh well, wish me luck on the laptop situation, and maybe I can find a tablet some time next year.

I'm really hoping to improve. Hope you enjoy this. xD
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