Sampling of Sketches II Picture

These sketches are all from my last sketchbook which began September 1 and was retired October 28 of this year. Mostly concept work, I played a lot with style and ideas.

"Charlie" is the boyfriend of a friend of mine who is obsessed with Disney. (She's going to intern at Disneyworld Resort during Spring Semester. I'll miss her dearly.) And yes, he owns a shirt that says that.

"Margaruku" is a doodle of a random voodoo-ish doll.

"Red Balloon of [DOOM]" is both a design concept for a dream I had and an inside joke.

I think that Satyr is Pan...

This doodle of Tristan is the first time I liked his character design as far as his character in Knights of Avalon is concerned. (Now all I have to do is be able to draw him in the comic.)

I have no idea what that furry thing is.

The "Farm Boy" and "Elf Knight Dude" were both done on the trip to attend lectures being given by Tony Ryder. They're just little ideas I got during the trip and that I sketched out. Well, the knight dude is anyway.

The "Weird Lion" was done on a page where I was trying to design a booklet on Milton Glaser. I guess I got tired of drawing boxes and blocks for text and images.

Dragon Feathers was done probably about mid-way through the book; I believe it was done during my Mythology class.

The Black Oracle was a concept I got into my head that I still want to do something with.

These images are NOT in the order that they were drawn. (They're simply in the order that I threw them together in.)
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