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1: The Final Fantasy series - I've always been inspired by the beautiful world designs in the final fantasy games, as well as their magical and futuristic qualities.
2: Tim Burton. What a wonderful crazy man <3
3: As indicated by most of my early gallery, Jamie Hewlett's work on the gorillaz is a prominent influence in the style of both my art and story writing.
4: Tony Moore's work on the first Walking Dead compilation definitely changed the way I draw characters, and helped me achieve a more realistic/grungy style. It also helped me learn how to draw good zombies 8D
5: Ah, Calvin and Hobbes. I grew up with this comic, and I read the graphic novels of all the comics over and over and over until I couldn't find the book anymore. If you don't know anything about Calvin and Hobbes, you are artistically uncultured and need to go see the comics RIGHT. NOW.
6: Pan's Labyrinth - The dark fairy tale genre has always been a favourite of mine, and Pan's Labyrinth is a prime example for what I mean here. As a related note, the original Brothers Grimm writings are also a wonderful source of dark fairy tales.
7: Hellboy. I mean, come on. it's HELLBOY. Duh.
8: The Golden age of Pirates and buccaneers: it was nearly impossible to find a picture of this on the internet, as it is an incredibly rare 2 tape VHS set. It is a documentary about some of the most notorious pirates in history, and when I was a wee lass, is the first thing that ever got me thinking "damn. I love pirates <3"
9: Cutthroat Island! Another obscure pirate film, I saw it not long after the Golden age of etc., and it is most notably the biggest influence on my character Captain Eileen Tobias Morgan, and if you watch it, you'll know why. Of course, I didn't figure out that this movie was the inspiration for her until I had already created Tobias, and saw the movie again after nearly a decade of not having it.
10: Of course, the silent hill series. Just like Final Fantasy, Silent Hill contained it's own world, Mythology, and intricate history. There is an ocean full of information of silent hill available on the net, and let me tell you, these guys have worked pretty damn hard on this. Kudos. Also, I loooove making music reminiscent of Akira Yamaoka's style. The way it sounds is so... Delicious. <3
11: Mad Max: Beyond the thunder dome - Oh. my. god. What can I say about this? the post apocalyptic world in this movie is nothing but absolutely RADICAL. I love it. And Tina Turner was one hell of a character, no? haha

AND YEP. There were a couple more, but I figure this covers the biggies.

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