Skrift's Feather Knives Picture

yesterday I made my first drawing of Skrift,
today I found a way to make the her knives work.
that is the ideas I get while using random things

the idea for them comes from when I use pens, playing with them twisting and turning them,
and today at work using scissors I got the idea for a grip hole to make it easier to get a grip.
so this is how it turned out.

I couldn't find a better name for the knives. I thought of calling them Huginn and Muninn, like Odin's Ravens.
don't know Skrift's concept and story is yet, but it has something to do with the Norse Mythology.
Skrift is from the North like me.

don't know why, but thought knives would be the best weapon,
don't know how to move around a staff with ease, with a sword I be to clumsy, a hammer no...
maybe a frying pan, with a morning star I'd probably hit myself in the head.

for those who don't know, Skrift is my OC, there is based on me so like a persona.

Skrift - OC of *Skrift (me)
knife design - by *Skrift (me)
Tools - GIMP, a tablet, around 4 hours
Made on the 15th of December 2012

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