OC Bust Dump Picture

I like how this was only supposed to be a doodle and it became more xD

3 more OCs for the book...litterly xD

Nien the Satyr (pronounced: Nine)
He's an assassin, all satyrs are, using a bow and later a rifle
Personally: he's a bit aloof and cold, rather be alone than around others, but not mean or rude in any way
and as Satyrs are in mythology being beings (wow thats redunant) with a high lilbido, Nien constenly struggles with that urge
(I enjoy how he looks, his nose is my favorite thing xD)

Pan, Blue Dragon
Pan is kinda a minor main character
She's a warrior for the Blue Dragon clan, very loyal to her leaders
Personally: She's a bit more of the tomboy and a little bit of a flirt, but can be very serious when on the job. Has a hatred of Red Dragons/Vice versa
With her coloring, i was thinking the Blue Dragons would have coral coloring, like that in the sea
and they would be slightly albino, hence her pink eyes

Avarice, Red Dragon
i've never had more trouble with an OC than her
Her original name was Harem, do to her have the most attractive look but changed it since it didn't roll off the toungue as well
Personally: with her cold look and beauty, you would imange her to be very about herself, but in reality, she's just very quiet and to herself, only one she relies on is her lord, Reiner...and only him
She's also extremely blind (even more than Ignis) and extremely organized (like OCD kind of organized)
(PS: it might be hard to see but she also has a beauty mark below her left eye, only OC to have that)

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