Gemelli - Model Sheet No.1 Picture

Full Name: Gemelli Mogano Alexandria
Gender: Female
Genus: 'Perrembi' (felis sapiens)
Age: 29
Nationality: Italian (born near Florence)

Character Notes
"They say anyone who looks her in the eyes never lives long enough to figure out what colour they are..."
A brilliant gunfighter, Gemelli works with the notorious Armstrong Brothers, themselves part of a much larger crime syndicate based, it is believed, in the British Republic. Though they have paws in all manner of illicit trades, Gemelli herself specialises in breaking-and-entering high-security installations such as federal reserves and military complexes, in far less subtle ways than you might imagine. Although there has been no positive identification, it's believed that Gemelli was responsible for co-ordinating the infamous and devastating robbery of the Que-Sichuan Bank in Shanghai, which caused the global stock market to crash and ruined the livelihoods of millions of people. Only one bank clerk was left standing, and she was so traumatised by the whole experience that she was declared mentally unstable shortly afterward.
In the past, Gemelli was the somewhat token wife of untouchable narcotics tsar Luc Alexandria. Though the marriage was pretty much entirely based around Gemelli's rather voluptuous 'assets' (she had previously been pursuing a career in modelling and acting that never really took off), she lived a life of raucous excess, and was always given whatever she wanted. Except, that is, the love of her husband. Because of this, to this day Gemelli has something of a sexual complex, acting in a predatory fashion that intimidates a lot of people.
Then one day, Luc made a mistake. He fell from the proverbial heavens and was torn asunder by the world around him. The Pan-Global Alliance put a price on his head, and F.E.L.I.N.E. duly picked up the tab. Shortly before he was gunned down during a long and drawn-out final stand, the Armstrong Brothers, previously hired to act as his bodyguard, decided to take Gemelli hostage, to use as a bargaining chip.
Time passed. Gemelli was forgotten. Then, years later, she emerged in a hail of bullets as a finely-tuned killer of biblical proportions - and very soon, she was the stuff of folklore and legend.

Drawing Notes
  • My first drawing with Prismacolor pencils! And, well, okay, I haven't used them to that great an effect. My 'Mineral Orange' (the colour of Gemelli's fur) kept breaking, and is now only about an inch long... thank crimeny that *phoenix-feather's agreed to send me a replacement, then.
  • Gemelli's shades are all part of her urban mythology. The Armstrongs also wear a pair, so it's kind of part of the 'uniform', but Gemelli finds it hard to shoot straight while wearing them. Hence, when she takes them off, it's obvious that she's about to embark on a rampage. The sight of Gemelli removing her eyewear has, it is said, reduced entire batallions of troops into a state of panic...
  • Though often confused for a 'fox' (I've yet to figure out what to call a humanised fox-person-thing) owing to her looks and the vulpine company she keeps, Gemelli is actually feline - or a 'Perrembi', as they're called in this particular storyline.

    UPDATE: Re-submitted with superior scan quality as of 22nd October 2005.

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