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A while back there was a Darkstalkers Contest to commemorate the release of Darkstalkers Resurrection. The grand winner would be chosen to have his/ her entrant featured in the collected port release as well... didn't really surface did it? I was kinda disappointed at the results irregardless of whether I made a top nomination or not, obviously I didn't lol. The good thing that came from this contest is that there is still a dedicated fanbase and interest in Darkstalkers. In my opinion, this Capcom series is way more interesting than Street Fighter; shame that the latter almost always overshadows the former. Hopefully in the future things will be brighter for this series.

This is my first entrant. I found it strange that witches are not present in Darkstalkers by canon or at the very least there is no defining char in the roster to merit that classification. There was one briefly shown in the UDON Darkstalkers comic that ran into Felicia and Talbain on a commuter train. Simply creating a witch didn't seem enough so I went for a more diverse perspective; one that fits the title but is outside the norm, which is a unique aspect I found when observing all the Darkstalkers characters. The bunny references are mainly there because the pet bunny rabbit that my older brother adopted at the time, was annoying the crap out of me; fortunately, I found an interesting mythos for that reference, so it isn't completely out of left-field. The idea of using cookware was mostly inspired by Lilith Aileron from Tales of Destiny.

~Chimera Witch – Rompulu (Rompo + Kalulu)~

Rompulu is chimera witch. She has rabbit ears, a human head, and the hands, legs and body of a bear. Her garbs include a witch’s pointed hat, a cape, a sleeveless shirt, a skirt, leather boots and a hollowed star necklace. She is known to wear mascara on her eyes, but also dark bags under her eyes. She carries an assortment of demonic cookware with particular favoritism towards her frying pan which has protruding (living) fangs on the rim, with an active mouth as the center; capable of devouring and shredding ingredients (or victims) and also cook a mean steak and eggs to perfection.

Rompulu is a witch in-training but secretly desires to explore the culinary arts which she had fond memories of growing up and concocting many experimental witches’ brews. Unfortunately, she prefers some of the more unusual ingredients that what normal humans would’ve use, which was decaying carcasses and poisonous flora. Despite the cold reception of her recipes, she retains that she uses the ingredients as they because of her main source of diet. She would use them more than anything else; however, is open-minded to other ingredients, but is not likely to follow through on them.
In order to cook with such… abnormal fixings, she must utilize a specially crafted set of demon cookware that she managed to barter off from a makai merchant (being that she was an expert bargainer), as these utensils were essential to be able to cook these ingredients to their fullest extent among other things. She found that she was not strong enough to effectively wield said instruments and thus brewed a strength potion that would correct this inability. However, due to her inexperience as a witch, her potion did indeed provide the strength she desired, but rendered her with the body parts of other animals. Unphased by this setback, she carried on her culinary hobby and at the same time discovered she was WAY stronger than she had originally intended. Her prolonged usage of the demonware allowed her to effectively use those to hunt down prey (ingredients) more effectively enabling her to develop her combative abilities with the cookware.

Witches were known as a classification of individuals that were perceived to have used supernatural or magical abilities irregardless of whether the intention of the usage was of noble benefit or negative reinforcement. Most popular tales stem from Salem in which accused witches were burned at stakes. Rompo was a mythical creature of Africa and India who had head of a rabbit with human ears, a skeletal body, the arms of a badger, and the legs of a bear; this creature was known to scavenge for dead corpses. Kalulu was a trickster rabbit of Central African myth that was an expert in bargaining even when it comes to sparing his life from being devoured. Chimeras are known to be mythological creatures that were an amalgamation of various dissimilar animals merged together into one ferocious beast.

Deadly Cookware, Witch’s Fire, Dead Carcass Ingredient Projectiles


Small Bear Cub with Rabbit Ears wearing a Chef’s Hat

Bunny Girl Waitress

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