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With the passing of 2013 It's about time to look back at all my past work and evaluate my progress as an artist. But since most of my submissions are OCT related and I'm Judging RebellionOCT and planning on entering WalkingCity this Summer, it's about time to look back at the past so we may get ready for the Future.

So here it's the recollection of my OCT career as of 2013

1.Realm of the Spirit (Galulator, Lorelei, and Angellia)

Highschool Senior year.

Ahh the beginning days of a comic artist, all I can do is hope to forget. I remembered seeing the Unknown Person entries of Law of Talos and tried to do the subtitle layout and ultimately failed.

This was actually the early part of creating of my manga project NecroBlack revolving around Galulator and Lorelei. I doubt anyone remembers Angellia, not surprising since she hasn't popped up anywhere else and hasn't been very important yet. Also was the early glimpse of Fox, Galulator's ninja partner.

2. Swirly II Tourney (Scarlet Hood)

The 2nd character I attempted to introduce was Scarlet Hood, while she's only appeared as some art bits here and there I do hope to do a story about her later on down the road once NB is done (which could take years given how long it's taken me to get the thing worked on).

This was also when I gave up on the title bar thing and changed over to the traditional bubble format. I actually got into a bit of a fight with one of the competitors during the audition phase, and that was probably the reason I didn't get in, that and my redone audition was so lightly penciled you couldn't see crap

3+4. Battle Royale seasons 1+2 (Shaydon Blaze, Wallace Henry)

When you create a tourney of death, you'll probably make characters that can be a bit one noted. But despite that this tourney was my first big turnaround in tourneys my first victory in season 1 with Shaydon. I may have only won just one round but I won a round for once. Shaydon I actually like because he's a hyper parody of myself in that we both fear people hating us. While that iteration of Shaydon is gone, I do have plans to bring him back in a new way in some later work of mine.

Season 2 was a mistake on my part as I was doing Cryptic Hymn semi's during then and I really half assed my BR entry with a written entry. Ultimately, I decided I decided 2 things after losing in both tourney's 1) No more written entries 2) One tourney at a time. But the good thing to come out of season 2 was the birth of Wallace Henry in my OC roster

5. Cryptic Hymn (Galulator and Lorelei)

Ohh my no, I will not stop talking about this tourney because of how much I love it. Honestly this is my fave tourney I've competed in of all time, the great roster of characters and artists, The big peak in my OCT career, and best ending to an OCT I've seen in a long time (Thank you Mel the 4th)

Now there were a number of reasons I like this tourney so much, besides the wins though those were nice, I liked it because I didn't know what to expect in the next round, we go from a coliseum fight, to an island treasure hunt, to a dimension connected to the Hymn, and finally the core of the planet (I think, it gets kinda jumbled in AR but that's an else world story).

I guess the best way I can put how I felt at the end was both satisfaction and the desire to continue the story. Mel's ending was so great that it incorporated so much of the other competitors stories and wrapped up almost all the lose ends and still left an opening for a sequel. I know I'm beating a dead horse and it will probably never happen, but I still hold out hope that we can get a true sequel tourney of CH (AR was good but I'll get to that in a bit) or at the least someone else shares my desire and wants to collab something or other.

6. Island of Ailing (Galulator)

Why include a tourney I never really competed in? Because it's part of my growth and development so shut up. Look IA was the next step in my art when I started to use Manga Studio Debut, The program I now use for the majority of OCT entries. While I can't say much about the story or anything, the judge who critiqued my entry opened my eyes to the idea of character dimension, as they put it, Galulator is a flat character comparable to that of Marvel and DC characters. That jab at 2 of the biggest names in comics, it did help me in refining and defining the many characters to follow

7. Trinity Tournament (Wallace Henry, Hard Rock, Ruli Aldren)

Speaking of more characterization, Trinity was a good follow up after Island, being that it forced me to create a group of charcters rather than just 1. I decided to reboot Wallace and put him in the same universe as Scarlet Hood, and created Ruli and Hardrock to create a new team of characters. Between the hyper energy of Ruli, the lack there of with Wallace, and the mature silent artist Hardrock, I tried a more comical approach to my entry's just letting the characters bounce off one another.

While I didn't get past round 1, I was able to experiment more with Manga Studio some more and really start getting use to the system and how it worked

8. Aurora OCT (Conner, Fox, Kelly Lowerance)

Yeah one of my lower point in my OCT career, Aurora. As an attempt to try and create an origin story to Galulator and Lorelei, it didn't really pan out all to well. I made a number of plans of what I wanted to do but lost too soon for me to use them. This was shortly after I was told that my action scenes were too long and well I just flubbed on this one. While I was able to flesh out some of the interactions of Fox and Conner, I wish I could have been able to do more.

9.Apocalyptic Refrain (Lorelei)

Now this is what I needed, a tourney that can really get things shaken up. True story, I actually sent an idea for the sequel tourney to Keitana in the hopes of making a sequel and while it wasn't a direct sequel, I can settle for a spin-off. Reuniting a majority of the old class and mixing with some newbies was just what I wanted. I also manged to create my best audition and entry in my entire OCT career.

This was the first time I made Lorelei my OC competitor and for the most part people really seem to like her personality and presentation. I also was starting to really define my art style more and more with the drawing of other competitors. The tourney was really awesome.

But....There were some issues I had with the tourney that I want to bring up. While I did like the setup of advancing Miki's character, I kinda felt a little outside of the tourney plot with the setup of the judge characters. Because the story was already set in place by the host it kinda felt like our characters couldn't interact with the overarching story and affect it. And while Kendmt did a good job with the finally, I still felt Mel did better with the inclusion of the other OC storyline and interweaving them in his story ending. I do applaud at the attempt at expand the mythology of the world, but it was just a tad confusing and not explained enough for me to wrap my head around with the already established continuity of CH.

And thus we come to the end, 9 tourneys, 4 years of hard work and determination. And with the future to come, maybe I might be ready to do great in Walking City OCT. Until then happy new year to you all and may all your endeavors be fruitful

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