Life Of a Pan Picture

Okay, so here's the first page of a comic I've decided to start. Hopefully, my work will get better as I go on. We'll see.
I hope it sounds interesting.
The plot: Pan is suspected for the murder of a small child at Rue Orphanage. While witnesses didn't get a good look at him when he fled from the scene of the crime, the police are still after him, being led by Det. Stilas.
Pan moves in with his best friend (and secretly boyfriend) who lives with his parents and two younger siblings. Archimedes' father jsut happens to be Det. Stilas. Will a simple change of hair be able to keep Pan from being recognized? What will happen if he is recognized?
It seems pretty risking being inlove with the son of the man who wants your head, but it may be worse to live with him too.

(c) Life of a Pan
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