The Archer Picture

Sagittarius, the Archer who's reign is from November 23 to December 21

Drawing based on these -

-Sign and Anatomy together- Sagittarius's sign is the simple shape of of a bow and arrow and Sagittarius's body part is the thighs.

- Mythology representative- The Archer. I gave her a bow and arrow but a childish one to go with the personality

- Jewel/Gem/Stone - Sagittarius's stone is the Topaz (i used a brown kind) and also is one of November's birthstone which part of the Sagittarius's reign. I used it for her necklace locket.

-Color(s)- Sagittarius' Colors are Purple's and Pink's


-Personalizes people associate with it (kinda-sort of)- Personalizes people associate the sign Sagittarius's I used in mind while creating: Optimistic but somethimes Blindly optimistic, Good-humored, Restless, Peter-pan syndrome....(don't see how that's a personality though but i like it), Careless,and Jovial.

Please the don't mind the disproportion-ness, I'm not good at that. This one was one of my favorite to make cause it is so cheerful~.... and i really really want a top like that and oh my gosh i love freckles~!!!

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