ALEPH Picture

Aleph is pretty sweet since most of their character are based of Greek mythology and their swords are based off of Brad Pitts' Achilles sword as well. The thing thats striking about Aleph is their design. i decided to use colors i dont really use anymore, in minis and in my 2d paintings, BLUE! The Marut TAG had two ear flanges that should be facing down, but having them point up looks interesting. It was a bitch to put together too, but i traded in alot of Privateer Press products for some credit and got it cheap, so im happy. oh...and if i had placed some yellow in there somewhere they can all look like Boba Fett!

TAG: Marut
Myrmidons (4)

-P3 Arcane blue
-P3 Necron Green
-Reaper Frost White blue? (forgot what its called), dark skintone, triad purples, tropic orange, triad stone greys
-VMC: Dark through Light Sea Grey

this was also an old pic since the commission in the back was finished months ago. its of a Pan-O Armoured Cav.
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