Persona DA OC- Alise Picture

hurrr I like how the OC came out but the persona looks like crap >> kinda rushed plus I hadnt used photoshop in an age and a half whoop whoop

Name: Alise Amsel

Age: 17

Team: Poisoned Minds

Weapon: Frying Pan

Summoning Method: Evoker

Persona: Lady Gaga Circe

Arcana: The Magician

Affinities: Resistant to Garu and poison, weak to Zio

Abilities: Poisma - Inflicts Poison on one target

-Virus Wave (Poison, all enemies)

-Garula - Medium Damage on one enemy

Magarula - Medium damage on all enemies

Wind Amp (Passive) - Raises Wind Damage dealt by 50%

-Evil Smile - Inflicts Fear on all targets

Marakukaja - Boosts Defense for all allies

-Diarama - Medium amount of health for one ally

(mark indicates her first learned skills, since I recall it saying somewhere that you can only start out with four)

Symbolism: Magician cause its the main magic using class, and Circe is an evil witchy person from greek mythology. I tried to give everything a rather dark feel, because personas are the inner self, and Alises' inner self is actually pretty screwed up, and the persona has a mask cause its like she puts up a mask and whatnot hur hur :3

Alise is uh, I guess what you can classify as 'yandere.' Shes very sweet and shy and polite on the outside, but in the inside she's actually quite angry, mean, sarcastic, etc.(yet at the same time, she's also very sweet, funny, excitable, kind, and giving if she knows you) She usually tends to keep this inner bad personality hidden, unless she is upset in some sort of way. She can tend to get attached to people, which can prove rather difficult for those who also wish to interact with said person, because she'll get possessive XD; Also, when she's angry, she gets very aggressive. She generally hates people and considers them useless trash, unless she gets to know them. Loves animals, especially fluffy ones. Likes to dance around when shes happy. Very openly affectionate with those she is close to, such as hugs, kisses on the cheeks, hand holding, etc. Enjoys cooking, which is why she kinda ended up with a frying pan as a weapon. It's very easy for her to build a bad impression of someone, and no matter how nice she may act to them, she wont help them with anything. Example; If she ends up hating one of her teammates, she will probably never heal them or lend them support XD Enjoys wearing adorable outfits, because they make her seem more innocent then she is. Almost always wears her flower, bracelets, and headband, no matter what shes wearing. Speaks fluent german, having been raised there, and speaks with a german accent. Tends to revert into speaking german when shes anxious, angry, sad, etc.


p.s. ily
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