The 6 versions of Daisy Mask Picture

These are the six versions of Daisy Mask for Mario and Luigi: the Mask, a sprite series I created.

[Edited 1/Mar/2013, due to a poor choice of words in the description.]

Unlike Luigi’s Mask which I came up with quite quickly I wanted Daisy to be unique in that she didn’t copy what others had done before with She-Masks and at the same time still holding true to the base character the Mask alters.

I didn't want to go down the cliched sexy-sheMask route because as I have said on many occasions I am following the original source material of the Mask, and any offical she-Mask that was ever created either in comic or cartoon was always unattractive in facial terms. -This is to honour the mythologies source material, unattractive she-Masks are not a fetish of mine, lol-

One feature the Mask always seems to bestow upon any who wear it is a slightly larger head in a similar, but different shape from the wearers true head; and large, white teeth which too large for any real human to have, so these two features were a must.

Daisy is often painted as a tomboy in a dress according to her bio so the clichéd sexy figure in a red dress and long flowing hair was out. I drew it anyway just so it was out of the way.

The second I came up with went girly, just to get that out of my system as well, again as I wrote on it, it was way too girly to be Daisy.

The third is one I was seriously considering, the school girl look was one I believe
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