Monster High (OC): Paxton Lakeworth Picture

EDIT: Guess who has a tomblr? :3 'Tis right here~

And then suddenly, a wild OC appears! *3* So before we get started, have a nifty list of preferred pronouns (words inside brackets are binary gender equivalents/extra notes):

~e (he/she)
~em (him/her, think “them”)
~eir(s) (his/her(s), think “their(s)”)
~emself (self explanatory)

E doesn't mind "they" and the like, but will (albeit very begrudgingly) go by female pronouns for those who won't otherwise. As for eir gender identity: E's neutrois (neutral gender).

Eir monster parent is The Lake Worth Monster. To quote from from the wiki: “The Lake Worth Monster is a North American crypdid reported to live in and around Lake Worth, just outside of Fort Worth, Texas.”

Since good ol' Lake Worth is oft said to be "part goat, part fish, part man" I've come to the conclusion that Pax's dad is actually half faun and half kelpie. Eir mom is a limnade (a freshwater lake nymph) who may or may not be half human, which brands em as one fourth kelpie and one fourth normie.

And the sitch: Eir parents are divorced, and due to wanting a change in scenery from the all-lake monster school e went to at Lake Worth, Pax has moved to New Salem with eir mom and grandparents and will attend Monster High as a sophomore.

Because it might take some time to put up Pax's bio (finals/graduation for me whooo), have one in text form:

Age: 15
~Killer Style: I lean towards earthy colors and cool tones, and while curves 're hard to to lay flat I like clothes that hide my waist. And oh yeah? You'll almost never see me without my lucky triskelion!
~Freaky Flaw: Er, I tend to uh... get scared stiff... when panicky. And faint frozen. Like a deer in the headlights. Also been also said to be frank some, but there's nothing wrong with being honest.
~Favorite Color: Teal
~Favorite Food: Don't reckon I need to to choose. After all, being part goat + part kelpie = a pretty big appetite in itself. :3
~Biggest Pet Peeve: First off - it don't matter if I can't "pass" or "look" the damn part, respect the pronouns and that's that. Second off, for the love of Pan can ya quit calling me halfbreed!?
~Pet: Can't quite say I have one yet. Might fetch a frog from the lake out near Ma's house, dunno yet.
~Favorite Activity: I'm real big on swimming and the outdoors. Kinda wanna join the swimteam too, but those bathing suits...
~Favorite School Subject: Phys Ed. Lockers aside - I go in when everyone's finished, anywho - I'm actually right all into athletics!
~Least Favorite School Subject: Mad Science. I'm alright with formulas, but all those chemicals? *shudders*

Hopefully said bio will be done before school ends. *-* I'll get to setting up eir tomblr soon~

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