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Who in God's name let me get this far!?!?!?

Seriously, though, this is yet another DOC entering the world: Kalais Keys! Might as well do it all now:

Inspiration: Beverly, who goes back and forth between calling hirself a lesbian, transgender, and not really being sure/caring about hir gender identity.


Shape-shifting (into human forms)
Can conjure animals from thin air (namely raccoons and [honey]badgers)
Some ninja skills (swiftness, sneakiness, and Jujitsu)

Weapon of Choice: hir shape-shifting ability

Nickname(s): Kal; Loki; Odin (last two mainly used by Scu as a joke on Norse mythology)

Anything Else?: Having a "normal" name, Kalais is occasionally teased by some OCs. Hir eyes change to white when transforming into a girl and black with white pupils when into a boy. Even though timid in this comic, Kal is a loudmouth and likes asking Red Star for lessons in throwing stars. Kal is pan-sexual.

Yeah, I had to add Electric being a flirt in there. He wouldn't be him if he didn't.

And thank you to Beverly for giving me the seal of approval about the character. AKA glomping me and saying that you loved me for this.

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