Flash Game - The Anito War - (Development Hiatus) Picture

Development Hiatus - the Anito War (Demo)

The Anito War is, in a few words: "Ancient Filipino Mythology in Space".

In an uncharted region of space, planets with diverse 'tribes' wage war with each other using their machine gods called 'Anito'. On the planet of the Taga-ilog, an invasion from a neighboring tribe has destroyed most of their defenses. It is up to their strongest Mandirigma (warrior) and Babaylan (Priestess) to use their mightiest Anito and fend off the invaders.

In this demo, you play as the Babaylan (Priestess/Female Shaman) of Mayari, goddess of the moon. With them, you must stop an invasion that is not all as it seems.

Arrow buttons to move. Z to shoot, X to slow down time and focus your orb things. The orb thingies deflect enemy bullets as long as you don't shoot.


I'll upload a version with a load bar later - this wasn't made to be viewed online. I won't be developing this further, not in Flash ActionScript3 anyway.

This game was actually made in April/May earlier this year, but I wanted to release it when I developed it further. That didn't pan out, so here - have what I made back then.
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