MH BIO: Geeti Badal Picture

I got something on my to-do list done ;w;

This is the bio for my newest female, Geeti! I wrote a little bit about her here but I shall reiterate.

Geeti and her family are a type of fairy in Hindu mythology. The women (known as apsaras) are expected and almost always very beautiful, supermodel-like, vixen women who dance and hypnotize unknowing men. The husbands of the apsaras (called gandharvas) play the drums to provide dancing music. Gandharvas also keep horses and deliver messages from the heavens.

Geeti however, is anything but the average apsara.
She was born of a vixen milf mother and a gandharva who is as wide as he is tall. Her older sister Alpana is very much like their mother. Tall, slender and can make a man drop to his knees just from one glance. But Geeti took more after her father.
Unfortunately, this poor ghoul gets ridiculed and pestered by her mother who is ashamed of Geeti's weight and how she dresses. She doesn't believe she takes pride in her look and does not care about her body. Of course, Geeti loves her body. She knows she is healthy and that is what matters. Her mother can make her feel insecure about herself but at the end of the day, she normally accepts and loves herself.

I'll add more about her, the more developed she becomes!

Oh and forgive me for spelling Amarilla's last name wrong!
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