This is the story of... Picture

And for now reason at all ... I drew something... a very little something... which i hope to color... but y'know... we'll see how that goes.
This all started when I was going through sketchbooks and remembered: Svana and started rereading my notes and the story idea and went, "This is Bleach... with Norse Mythology" and I laughed so much that I decided to dredge up all my old story ideas that never went anywhere. And let everyone see my many dead on arrival ideas up until now.

So... from LEFT to RIGHT
This is the story of...
...A Valkyrie Fallen (2003)

I dreampt the entire idea one night and promptly wrote down what I could. Svana is a Valkyrie who accidentally gets entwined in one of her sisters underhanded plots... and becomes exiled from Asgard. Stranded in the world of mortals with no power, she meets a young man who she'd actually met a decade before when she collected his slain brother from the battlefield. Together they travel the barbaric and mythical world of the North to reclaim her lost Valkyrie power and uncover the truth before it's too late.
I find it amusingly similar to Bleach now, of course long before I knew what Bleach was... and of course goes of mythology I'm more familiar with.

...A Lost Girl (2003)
I was... I still am, big on Peter Pan (don't judge me) and I was absolutely guilty of making OCs for Peter Pan. And don't get me wrong... I still think mine and my friends came up with some of the strongest OCs ever. But I went even further and create an OC world called the Summerland... where there are the Lost Girls. Girls whom don't quiver at the sound of a wolf cry in the night and instead hear the sound of a mother calling her children home...
I was once encouraged to run with this as just a girls adventure... but it kept getting dumb down... that's what happens when you listen to people. The adventurer above is Fang... go on say it... "Adventure Time?"

...An Endless Tragedy(2002)
She started off as an Egyptian cat girl named Mau... who became a guardian of children to protect her baby sister and the innocence of her lost friend. Than I started to draw her modern and tom boyish and she became Maureen Lyons... the reincarnation of the same girl from 2000 years ago. However, what if this wasn't her first reincarnation? What if she's been on the same quest for 2000 years to stop the same evil that killed her and her best friend millennia but has failed every time? Can she stop the cycle, and put an end to the evil that she must protect the world against?

...Between Dreams and Reality (2005)
This story is about Jenny... a plain, boring, uninteresting girl who normally hides herself in the dark back corner of libraries. She uncovers a strange book of the Jin (genies). An accident befalls her soon after she starts reading and she wakes up to find herself in this world of magic and herself transformed. It would all be wonderful too, if she didn't keep waking up between worlds... doubting her sanity if the world of the Jin is real or this other world.

A hero's work in never done (2004)
Seriously if it wasn't for the fact that someone would probably sue me... and that someone tried to steal this idea from me in a corporate environment... I might still want to do this.
Zachariah is a youth in borderline Renaissance Europe with big dreams and no means to do anything. Through unlikely (and highly fairytale parodied) adventures with his fairy Nari (Narcissus) he travels the lands, meets new allies and enemies, becomes a hero... and tries to make a buck... or gold piece.

More Than Pretend (2008)
Cosplay Knights... the ONLY thing I've ever put concerted effort into creating. I'm sure you can see what influences may have been pulled over from other "creations" and my obsession with swords and wings. Really don't feel I need to say more more from Drew here... except he has an awesome action pose and i totally wanna add fire!!!
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