Griefers Picture

These are some OCs from an 8-player fan SBURB session. They are members of a race known as Griefers from the planet Alphame in a Universe created by my Human OCs' session.

Ankou Cob - from Ankou, a grim reaper from Celtic mythology. "Cob" from "cobweb; a fairy character in Shakespearean literature.
Tanya Mab - from "Titania" and "Mab"; names of the Fairy Queen in Shakespearean literature.
Auber Ohn - from "Oberon"; name of the Fairy King in Shakespearean literature.
Ciela Nav - from "Ciela" and "Navi"; characters from the Legend of Zelda.
Brina Web - from "Breena"; Gaelic or something for 'Fairyland'. "Cobweb"; a fairy character from Shakespearean literature.
Robin Puk - from "Robin Goodfellow" (AKA "Puck"), a mischievous fairy from Shakespearean literature.
Ozmah Tip - from "Ozma" and "Tip", the princess of the Land of Oz from L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz series.
Ariel Bel - from "Ariel", a spirit/sylph/sprite from Shakespearean literature. "Bel" from 'Tinker Bell', a character from Peter Pan.
Gille Dhu - from "Ghillie Dhu", a fairy from Scottish folklore who is the guardian spirit of the trees.

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