Day 18 - The Gazer Picture


Her name was Mieke, Third born child of the Fen dweller, the Relentless Gazer. It is said that when she first awoke, she was taken away by a dazzling ring of white fire residing unreachable in the sky. She was so captivated that the eclipse slowly dimmed her sight, but she would not turn away. Eventually all that was left was a hazy after image, and even that faded away to utter and complete darkness. She was never lost however, for the rest of her senses expanded a thousand fold. Now every time the Sun and the Moon come together, she offers her brothers a respite, for a chance to gaze again.

Ok no more of that "creepy blind" business that was just silly. And this is super srs business. I am so proud of this design. If I was a peacock, I would be spreading my plumage, that's how proud I am. I had this character in mind for about a year and a half and I never got her on paper. A while ago, I gave digital drawing a shot, but it never panned out. Now here she is finally.

A bit about her design: I decided the main villain in my OC-verse shouldn't be a lone wolf, so I started coming up with a crew for him. The other two characters were fairly easy to establish as the villain in based on certain bits of folklore and pagan mythology and there were plenty of characters to draw inspiration from. But I wanted to add something completely original to that, so this was the result. This was also the time Skyrim came out and Game of Thrones started to get really popular so, winter and Nordic themes were all the rage. So I very quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

Her part of the story takes place in very cold places. Like VERY cold. Which is mostly an excuse to draw outfits with furs and leathers and huge cloaks and belts and stuff, which I enjoy immensely. I really wanted lots of belts and strappies and hangies, which upped the drawing time a lot, but I think its worth it.

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