Affectionate, aren't we? Picture

Phylo lives in the mythos universe, in the safe haven city for mythological creatures.
He's a faun, but his dad was a Satyr, so that contributes to some of his... manners...

He used to live in France, with a magical disguise.
But the old woman who MADE his disguises for him, passed on.
So, he moved before he was chased out or killed, and lives in safety now.

His roommates are a dragon guy, who is actually the one who MADE the city, and a Kelpie guy.
Phylo is a bit of.. a pervert... and his roommates get REALLY annoyed with this. Eheheheh.
Hence so many bruises on him. :'3

Currently he's a college student, and pays rent via keeping the entire house SPARKLING CLEAN, and some money of course.
He's actually wanting to be a history major. Or, their equivalent. Whatever they'd call it. :U
Meaning he has to learn ALL the myths, ALL the legends, ALL the family ties, EVERYTHING.
From a LOT of different cultures.

In his spare time, he likes to play the pan-flute. In fact, his walls are adorned with MANY different ones.
Different sizes, materials, designs, all kinds.
Do not mess with them. He will get really pissed.

I adopted him from Coharra
I just couldn't resist, he was SUCH a cutie pie! UwU

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