My Influence Map Picture

I don't usually do memes but I wanted to do this one to help inspire me a bit in a time of mental block. The meme is of course my influence map and it was very rewarding completing it. I encourage everybody to do their own.

Here's the template. I actually made mine bigger because I didn't have enough room...I had to stop myself it could have been bigger.

Main themes! Color, animals, mythology, fairytales and most important..animation. Feel free to talk about/link your own influences in the comments.

1. (starting up top left to right) One of the biggest...Totoro represents all of Studio Ghibli's films for me. And they've all been an important artistic influence.

2.The Last Unicorn. I Think I've watched this like a billion times. Ironically this is related to Miyazaki in that the people who worked on this for Rankin Bass later went on to form Studio Ghibli.

3. Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics....or really any of Gaiman's work. American Gods is still my favorite book and the Sandman comics helped introduce me to a whole new world of comics when I was in High School.

4. Becky Dreistadt is amazing. Shes like a blast from the past and look into the future at the same time. She makes me feel like crap.

5. Disney's Fantasia...especially the Pastoral Symphony/Night on Bald mountain parts. The color palettes used in this movie are still some of the best around.

6. Marilyn Hoff Hansen was a local artist in my hometown. She made/makes the most beautiful horses. She infected me with the drawing horses bug young and thus it has stuck.

7.James Freaking Jean. I only started reading Fables because of his covers. The dude is crazy.

8.The Royal Tennanbaums. One of my favorite movies..probably THE favorite. More beautiful color palettes and charming composition in every frame.

9. N.C. Wyeth. If you don't know who that is...what the hell is your problem. He was a master dude.

10. Ok..this is the crappiest little screenshot but it was the best I could find. Another Rankin Bass oldie that nobody remembers but me called Flight of Dragon's. Made around the time of The Last Unicorn, this movie not only had kickass design and a fun story, but James Earl Jones played an evil wizard. If you can find it check it out.

11. Japanese design is intriguing and Japanese monsters just as much so. This goes under my mythology addiction.

12. Awww...Bill Peet. An animation story veteran and children's book author. He worked as a lead story man on some of Disney's best including Dumbo, Peter Pan and 101 Dalmations.

13. The original Batman animated series is to me the best Batman ever has been or ever will be. The Mark Hamill Joker is THE Joker and writing like this will never again appear in a children's cartoon. Plus they managed to invent a new style of architecture combining Art Deco and Gothic.

14. Is there anything so lovely or Nostalgic as a little golden book?

15. Fairytales! Russia! Russian Fairytale art by Ivan Bilibin. I probably reference this red horse in a billion separate paintings. This is from a series of illustrations for a story about Baba Yaga.

16. My Hero. My Goddess. Mary Blair. I actually own a very very VERY tiny painting she did on the bottom of a piece of scratch paper while traveling through South America working on The Three Caballeros. Someday maybe some of the talent in that tiny painting will be mine.

17.Last but not least. The great Lou Romano another of my hero's who has forgotten more about color and light then I will ever know.
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