Dream Mist Picture

Here is how I looked back in "Oneiroia: Prime" (what I call Oneiroia when it first existed centuries ago). I had a far more impish appearance than I do now. I also used more of my reality-bending magick. I still held back considerably though, and refused to use too much of my true power in order to keep things interesting. I like to refer to myself as having been a puckish Peter Pan with Orko-like powers. I would use my magick to shape-shift and pull minor cartoonish pranks on my friends and enemies, but I would never use it for anything big. Even though I could have easily changed any aspect of Oneiroia with the blink of an eye, and could have erased any of my foes from existence with the mere snap of my fingers; I refrained from doing so because such a use of great power would have made life in Oneiroia too easy and therefore incredibly boring. That's the only downside to having godlike omnipotent powers to alter reality; things tend to get too easy and there's no sense of challenge. So I would purposely restrict how much of my power I used; basically pretending to be less powerful than I really was.

I could work my magick through any number of mediums, but my favorite was the use of a shimmering blue mist of plasma which had a transmogrifying effect on whatever it touched. I like to refer to it as my "Dream Mist".
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