Eternal Terra Picture

Ouroboros- Infinity/wholeness, eternal cycle. Depicted as a snake eating itself. It represents the endless cycle of death and rebirth. One of the earliest recorded documents that it was seen in was in alchemaic pictographs with the phrase "Hen to Pan" which is better sumerized as "All is One, One is All" which interestingly enough is best described as the "Circle of Life" in Disney's "The Lion King"

Terra-Depicted as a encircled plus sign. Means earth, it is the name of our planet.

Jörmungandr "Midgard Serpent" - The great serpent that encircles, and binds together Midgard(Middle Earth, Terra) in Norse mythology. It is said that when Jörmungandr releases his tail Midgard would unbind.

Eternal Terra - the symbol shown above with the Ouroboros encircling the symbol Terra. Depicting the relyzation that Terra is bound to this eternal cycle of death and rebirth. Until the cycle is broken, be it by the wars of man, a rapture, or the day that Jörmungander releases his tail
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