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Free scribbles for folks! These are all busts because I'm embarrassingly lazy.

Download for full size.

1. Krishna for *lily-fox
I was a lot more brushed-up on my religions/cultures/mythology a few years ago than I am now, so I don't really remember much about Krishna, but he seems like a pretty chill guy.

2. Spazzel for *Spazzel
This may be the only time I ever draw a smiling wolf, so enjoy! It wasn't as difficult as I expected, but perhaps that's just because I avoided drawing all the actually tricky parts, like legs and other legs.

3. Twillo for ~roolsilver
An original gargoyle character! I've still never watched Gargoyles in spite of knowing perfectly well I would like it. I love the character designs anyway. I'm sorry, by the way, if I've drawn a perfectly pleasant character with a petulant expression for no good reason. Oh, but what I really must apologize for is that confusing earringy/beady business. I thought this was going on in the ref I looked at, and it made sense, until I looked at the other drawings of her and then I realized I was a moron. Unfortunately, I didn't think to check until it was scanned and everything, so - sweetie, I will seriously draw another one if I've mangled your OC.
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