SSEA- Haunted Manor Picture

Part one of my Subspace Emissary Additions.
Confused? I've been playing Brawl again. And now I'm thinking of ways to add in my old favorites and the Eds. XD Because I'm just that crazy.
BEWARE: Long excerpt ahead.
The senario? Just picture it for me, if you will...

Beginning the Haunted Manor...

We see a dimly-lit library, filled wall to wall with bookshelves. The sound of a scribbling pencil can be heard. We pan to a table that someone is sat at, pouring over numerous books and adding to his notes. Close up on the pencil, which abruptly stops. The figure quickly grabs a book entitled "Subspace Mythology" and flips through it, and when he lowers it unbelievably, we see his shocked face.


Suddenly, from the darkness swings a fist. He's barely quick enough to duck in time, pushing his attacker away with a shove from his force field. Wario growls deeply, looking up only to find that he has disappeared, along with the book and the notes on the table.
We cut to a hallway, and Double D triggers off his invisilibilty as he continues to run down the hall, clutching his precious notes as he makes his escape...


Coming out from another hallway, Double D skids to a halt. Ghost-like creatures flank him on all sides. There appears to be no escape. But suddenly, each monster is wrapped in red sparkles, and each are then struck with dark ligthning, eliminating them all in one blow.
Double D is most surprised, straightening up at a soft giggle. He turns, and down from the dark ceiling floats a dark imp, grinning mischieviously.


She is soon right in his face, sizing him up thoughtfully. She eyes the book in his arms, and he pulls away defensively. Still, much to his surprise, the book floats out of his arms, and he glares as she casually glances over it. Upon discovering its contents, however, she gives it back, giving him a closer look. Then, she leaps up and lands on his shoulders, urging him on. Carried on by his own urgancy, he reluctantly obeys and takes off running.


Finally, the reach the Foyer, but before they can leave the Manor for good, a rumble rocks the grand room, and Double D pales as he looks towards the front doors. Midna rolls her eyes at his expression and turns to look up at a much, MUCH larger ghost.


The ghost disappears in a flashy light, and Midna pumps her fists in the air in victory. Double D is more glad it's gone, eyeing the exit. Midna giggles impishly and perches atop his shoulder once more, playing with his hat. Sighing, he walks out of the manor, the imp tagging along with him.

So yeah. Imagine that as cutscenes from Subspace Emissary. So cool. ^^ I'm sure there'd be more afterwards, but this is just their introduction.
Okay, the picture. I have two versions of this, with and without the blue lighting from the torch. I'm posting the former of the two and keeping the latter as a color palette for Midna, who I think I colored well for my first time of coloring her digitally.
And yes, crappy-ass background. Lemme alone. XP

Date: 8/23/08
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