The Fairy (Mythical Creatures Challenge) Picture

This is my entry for the Mythical Creatures Challenge.

“A fairy (also faery, faerie, fay, fae; euphemistically wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk, etc.) is a type of mythical being or legendary creature, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural or preternatural.
Fairies resemble various beings of other mythologies, though even folklore that uses the term fairy offers many definitions. Sometimes the term describes any magical creature, including goblins or gnomes: at other times, the term only describes a specific type of more ethereal creature” From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia: [link]

A lightly different interpretation of the little winged creatures of the Nordic mythology, this Fairy is closer to the modern concept of Pixie, derived from the fantasy literature, manga, animation etc...

“In the Disney film, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell is described as a pixie, although, in the J.M. Barrie play on which the film is based, she is actually a fairy” From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia: [link]

The artworks is a mixed media of drawing pen with pencil’s “chiaro scuro”, colored with Photoshop using the multiply function on the brush, on top of the pencil’s work.
Full size artwork's link: [link]

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