WIP - Aneke and Nimos pinup Picture

Note that I'm now calling my crappy sketches "WIPs". As in, Work-in-Progress" for you newbs out there. As in, not finished, but will be.

Eh? Eh?

Yeah, I don't believe me either.

Anyway, new updated sketch of Aneke and Nimos, with the added improvement of Nimos being shirtless (drools). Aneke still has that friggin' newspaper ... what's up with that? And when will I stop futzing around with her hair? Actually, I really like this style of drawing dreadlocks. I'm more miffed at her body. I really need to work more on not drawing women as if they've been poured into their clothes. It's so hokey.

Aneke and Nimos are characters of Threefold and copyright Nikita Malha.
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