Day In the Life - Nimos Picture

Been sitting on a couple of these for a while, and decided to post 'em. Nimos and his typical daily activities ... havin' a smoke (yes he does smoke, that doesn't mean you should), breaking stuff in Aneke's lab, cozying up his partner, nightclub dancing, and a long nap after it all.

Also been fiddling with the new hardware, which is a photo scanner and picks up every single little detail on the paper. I'm used to scanners who automatically say "that is pencil, that is paper. She wants the pencil."

The scanner software is officially a pain in the ass. It refuses to just send the scan to Photoshop ... I have to save the image first and then open it. Yes, whine whine, but this actually costs me quite a bit of time, since the stupid thing doesn't even save my scan settings so I have to redo all that every time I use it. My old scanner was push button, send image to Photoshop. DONE. The only thing stopping me from taking this back is that I won't find another for the same price, and I can't afford anything else.

That said, I'm lucky I was able to afford it at all, so I should just quit my bitchin' and think of all the people in Nicarabombuguay or whatever who don't have scanners. It's just that to get this level of clarity, it took me nearly an hour to do TWO scans. TWO. FUCK. And it's still not that great.

Nimos is copyright Nikita Malha
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