Mortasheen - Blood Bloat Picture

CLASS: Insectoid.

Fusion between human and tick. This large, sluggish parasite drains blood and body fluids through its serrated tongue, which can extend up to three times the length of the body and secretes a paralytic venom along with a strong natural adhesive. Once attached, the bloat will not stop feeding until the host is completely drained, and any injury to the bloat will only speed the death of its prey.


Art Stuff:

This new version was inspired by the fact that ticks wave their forelegs in the air to track down their food, and so does a certain monster who's eyes are in the palms of his hands.

No, not the "Pale Man" from "Pan's Labyrinth." Not exactly, anyway. The design of the Pale Man is actually lifted directly from a creature in Japanese mythology called the Tenome. Google that name and you'll find the ancient woodcut that Pale Man is actually based upon. It's a really great story; after being a robbed and left for dead, a blind man's anger was so great that he became a monster, finally seeing out the hands he had always used to feel his way around. Unfortunately, having never seen his attacker's face, Tenome kills whoever he can get his hands on. Thanks to his rage, he continues to be as good as blind.

I really wandered off from talking about ticks.
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