As she mourns ... Picture

" Playground school bell rings again
Rain clouds come to play again
Has no one told you she's not breathing?
Hello I'm your mind giving you someone to talk to

If I smile and don't believe
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream
Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken
Hello I am the lie living for you so you can hide
Don't cry

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping
Hello I'm still here
All that's left of yesterday "

I think this is the song that can basically surround her every time she slither's into my cranium.
Hello by Evanescence [link]

So, I was watching Pans Labryinth for the first time last night and at the very end I had a bunch emotions that left me in awe. It had to be one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen in my entire life - hauntingly, disturbing, entrancing beauty. I've succumbed to watching it on a dialy basis since it's on my On Demand channel; I will be lost once the program is deleted from it.

Moving on, this wonderful reptilian beauty happens to be Mitera - which in greek translation means 'mother' - the Naga. Yes, she's an OC based off of PL and I could care less if you feel I shouldn't have done this. Mitera belongs to a clan of Naga - half snake, half human beings - who live by the northern sea. She was happy, had children of her own and a husband whom she had loved dearly. Her mate had gone to war with human clans and had yet to return many years ahead - her four sons accompanying him in his journey. Makos, her youngest daughter was with her at the time of a sneak attack ambush with her village. Her daughter was skinned and butchered before Mitera's eye's while she was brutally beaten, very lucky to be left alive after such actions. She had lived her years in agony, her large distaste and hatred for humankind growing to such points where she devoured any and all humans she'd had come in to contact with. She runs into a teenage Moanna and is on the verge of killing her when she smells a scent very similar to her daughters. Confusion settles in as madness overcame Mitera to the point where she had been led to believe that Moanna possessed her daughters innocence and became unaturally protective of her.

It's actually a fanfiction I had planned out to right while in the process of watching the movie for the third time today ( yes I spent just about 6 hours watching the movie - get off my back )

Such a movie ... -floats back to listenin to the lullaby in PL and daydreaming-

Mitera (c) Fajitashoe
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