Loki: Master of Gates Picture

This is NOT the ancient Norse god Loki. This the Norse God Loki from the book "The Lost Gate" by Orson Scott Card.

Since the original syllabus for Advanced 2D Digital Art class stated we had to created 5 digital prints that stuck with a theme, my theme was darkness. My first print was the required 'object self-portrait' and the next four are going to address what neo-pagans call the "dark gods" (the gods Christians equate with the devil / evil). Originally all the "deity prints" were going to feature fictionalized versions of the gods in modern novels but that didn't pan out as I didn't have time to read 3 more books so the rest will feature the mythological depictions of gods.

I placed gates in bottles and hung them on the tree as a variation of the Bottle Tree. Bottle Trees have a long history starting from Africa and working their way across the globe into the Southern US and have many variations - this is my variation on the theme. Essentially the bottles capture evil spirits, bad vibes, etc. In the book Loki captured / destroyed all the gates (i.e. wormholes) and sealed them within himself. He them sealed himself within a tree. I decided to use the mythos of the bottle tree to show that visually.

The actual size of the print is 16" x 20", 300dpi.

Resources Used:
The tree is from Dreamstime (purchased).
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