FR: Hansel and Gretel Picture

Fairytale Royalty: Princess Gretel and Prince Hansel.

:3 They rule Candy Land together with Gingerbread General and Sugar Plum Fairy as head advisor.
They were supposed to be chibis...and yet...they're not? But they are? @[email protected] It's very confusing to me.
Ignore the BG;
I don't know how to practice it...
(I couldn't even attempt a Gingerbread Castle, but yes they live in one)

I hope to make this a series;

Who would you like to see next?

Little Red Riding Hood
Tom Thumb & Thumbelina
Peter Pan and Wendy (I feel as if I know who will ask for this one... xD)
:] I hope the idea is clear enough that I don't have to explain it.
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