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My reference for Lucifer is Alexander Skarsgard so his appearence will be that of a approx. mid 30's. His design and backstory are sort of bits of different mythologies blended together, including the mythology of Pan, the Fallen angel Lucifer and even Adam and Eve are slightly refrenced.

This is a rough rough description of the mythology:

In sum the entire story centers on balance; what's truly good and what's truly evil. During the 19th century you have most of the characters as demon hunters dealing with demons, some very evil and some who aren't so evil.
In the 21st century hell is partially brought up to Earth and the humans have to band together and try and survive the takeover, while teaming up with demons that weren't part of the takeover. The devil himself isn't even the one who ordered the takeover, he was imprisoned by one of his generals whose really done the deed.

Energy and balance are large factors to my story.

Back in the beginning there existed in their own realm 7 figures that witnessed earth's creation. These creatures appearing as 10 foot tall men made of crystal were called hyalites and the came to earth and walked it's surface, curious of what is was. Where ever these creatures went the energy they gave off effected the things and small creatures around them, however they were effected themselves, each acquiring one of the deadly sins and virtues. The one representing pride became full of himself and decided he was the true ruler and god. This sparked a fight with the one acquiring wrath and they fought. By draining the power of the other 5, Pride later to be renamed Quinlan was able to beat his brother who would be called Lucifer until he was nothing more than a speck on the ground.

Lucifer had however accidently given his blood to a small creature that had been hanging around him and this creature was changed into a nymph-like creature, soon named Amalthea. She became almost as Mother Nature and gifted Lucifer with a new body, Satyr-like and the two lived together for ages, influencing the world and helping it thrive as she taught him about it. Because of this new body that hid his Hylite heritage Lucifer was able to regain his strength and learn love which Quinlan was unable to. The two's energy was also able to create different breeds of creatures, varying in size and shapes.

The two soon had 3 children, Helsing, Clark and Wright which when discovered outraged Quinlan and sparked a war. Quinlan began to influence creatures of the Earth and transformed them into Angels. Lucifer's rage at his brother made some of the creatures shift into more monstrous forms that would soon be known as demons. The war was waged for a long time and Quinlan soon murdered Amalthea, leaving a diamond corpse (will be shown in the demon market in 19th century London). This triggered the 3 children to grow and join the war.

Much later, Quinlan tried to create an unstoppable creature to finish the demons off but with a plan concocted by Clark, Helsing was able to snake into "Heaven" (which was in reality Hyalite) and corrupt the creature. However the creature turned savage and wreaked havoc upon both sides, leaving nothing but death. Clark, being Lucifer's only daughter was targeted by Quinlan and made to feel regret for what had happened, basically brainwashing her through something known as "Blessing" (essentially he got his energy into her and it able control her will). She in turn went and told her older and younger brother that they needed to repent and be saved for what they had did. They were offered a deal that from then on they would serve "good" and each generation would do the same until each one had a 'savior' who would represent their salvation. Helsing could tell she was not well but agreed to go with her in order to somehow save her from the brainwashing. Lucifer discovered his children had left him and punched a hole into the earth so deep it would soon be known as "Hell".

Lucifer would soon be known as Satan and the demons are unaware of his hyalite heritage, for they probably wouldn't follow him if they knew the truth.
In story is driven by this back-story and is about demon hunting in the 19th century, Hell becoming part of the earth in the 21st century, and finally 1000yrs later the final battle with Quinlan. It's got angels and demons, love, heartbreak and VAMPIRES!"

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This is the brief description for Amalthea, who you can find here: [link]

The very first wife of Satan, Amalthea is the "Mother Nature" or "Gaia" figure of the storyline. Though her screen time would be minimal she drives the backstory of the plot and ties into every section of the story. Though she is the first wife of Satan she is not technically considered a queen, seeing as how Hell did not exist in her time . . .

She existed by Satan's side back when the world was new; she never grasped conventional communication skills and instead spoke with a variety if gestures, glances and harmonized melodic calls. She is basically a nymph, the first to ever be. As an omnivore she hides in willow trees with her long wavy dark hair and pouncing on prey. Her entire body is entirely composed of diamond, some patches appearing rougher and providing extra protection (helps with censorship). With this she is also able to hide in water as well. Her fingers and toes are long and sharpened making shredding food easy. Her mouth can open twice it's appeared size revealing sharp teeth. She has a long tail, much stronger than one would think that allows her extra defence as well as helps her to scale trees and rocks easily. Her eyes are entirely black except for glowing green iris'.

Before her death she bore Satan 3 children, Helsing, Clark and Wright; the first 3 anti-Christ's.

As the first humanoid creature on earth, her origins consist if pieces of different literature, from the tale of Adam and Eve to the greek stayrs and nymphs. No one can say which is the true tale, perhaps all are or she's something else all together.

The name Amalthea bears the meaning "Tender" which certainly reflects her character.

She leaves behind a diamond corpse after being murdered (but more on that later . . .) The statue remains untouched deep underground in London's black market district, remaining a symbol of balance and peace.
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