Smerga Picture

Senmurv: Persian Bird of Ages

This Ive turned into a character, though the story im not sure of. Smerga is a Senmurv, a canine/bird hybrid creature from persian mythology.


A few years ago me and some #Y2805 peeps were planning on working on a collaborative site where we could post art. Unfortunately it never panned out cause we could never agree on the theme for it. XD

One of the themes we had tossed around was each of us choosing a mythical creature to represent us. So at the time, I chose Senmurv (or simurgh) which has the body of both of a dog/wolf and of a bird- and is likened to a phoenix. It resides on top of the tree that produces seeds for all the plants of the world.

I had started this sketch in late 2009 sometime, and now and then would pick at it a little. I rediscovered it recently and decided to color it in Painter. I didnt like the colors i chose so i readjusted it in photoshop again and cleaned it up a bit more- so that's why the anatomy is... curious. Plus it was meant to be on a header and act as a button.
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