Manliness Picture

So, I recently read a book I have on the Norse myths and of course it made me want to draw comics.

My favorite stories are the one's where Loki and Thor go on adventures... I am a special fan of the goat chariot. (That's Thor's special mode of transport, no joke. It is hilarious and awesome.)

This comic comes from a different story, though, the "Lay of Harbard" where Thor gets in an argument with a ferryman who we're all pretty sure is Odin: he has a rep for wearing large hats and picking fights, Harbard is one of Odin's names, it means Grey-beard, etc. Thor, of course, doesn't figure it out.

Basically it's a big brag fight, and I love the fact that Harbard brags "I slept with a bunch of ladies, awwwyeeeeaaah," Thor's like "I killed a bunch of nasty giant women, grrrr!" This happens more than once.

In the middle they do agree that fair ladies are sexy, but they start fighting again right away. Of course, Thor eventually gets frustrated and leaves without crossing. It's a super fun story.

OK, long explanation leads to me actually talking about the pic:

So all of the above combined into a monster-comic idea. Basically, Odin thinks Thor needs less adventures and more lady-action, so he stops Thor to chat before he and Loki go off on an adventure. The conversation doesn't pan out the way he hoped.

I keep messing with Loki's design in my head, but he's a troll... I didn't want to draw him Marvel style (LOVE the new movies, but hey, it's not myth), but there are a bunch of different directions I could go that warrant more exploration.

I intend to color it, just because my scanner is TOO GOOD and the pic really needs some clean-up.

Color version: here.
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