Naiad Picture

canvas and acrylic paints.

Hundreds years ago a warrior was coming back to his homeland Thessaly. Dying of thirst he was asking gods for a drop of water, but it drought took away all streams. Just as he spoke the last words of prayer he saw a young woman running away from the lion. Despite his wounds and fatigue he ran after the lion and managed to cut beast’s head just before it attacked the woman. As the head fell down on the sharp rocks, a torrent of fresh water started to flow.
Bewildered warrior was then greet by the beautiful maiden before him, who told him that in fact she was no one else but Larissa herself, (a nymph, who then gave name to the main river and capital polis of region). Hunted by the lion she had to leave her stream and so it died, but thanks to her savior the water could flow again. She also said that he might ask her whatever he wishes too and he would be given. The man had only one wish and not long after they’d married.

Actually it wasn't Larissa, but I can't find the original name on the nymph, as this is in fact mix of two separated myths (sorry
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