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Meet my Fullmetal Alchemist AlMay child, Pan Elric! I'm not a fan of making OC's but I'm hypocritical when it comes to canon pairing offspring! I simply love speculating because like my sister, when you come to love a relationship you'd die to know every small detail and never grow tired of it. I love thinking up personalities, character designs and relationships yet I rarely ever do anything with them. Anywhooo......

This is Pan Elric, the 8 year old son of Alphonse and May Elric (he is rather feminine but that's what you get when you cross two moes.... MOEx2!!!!!!). Like his father he inherits his Xerxian gold eyes (in reality its rather unlikely that these would pass but I love the trait, I find that it's important to have some evidence that the race still lives however small) and he has his mothers face and hair color (though I will note is more brown than black intentionally). He is heavily influence by his Xingese half obviously with his sense of style.

He studies a mixture of alkestry and alchemy like his father, is fluent in both Xingese and Amestrian and has a serious love for small animals and nature in general. The one trait that makes him unique is he sort of a mute. He doesn't talk much... at all. He's sort of a stock in the way situations pass him but he is a very caring boy, often described as a 'shadow' because of his idolization for his older cousin and parents... He is practically always seen with Ed's eldest following him despite the others annoyance. Pan is a rather innocent child, thus he's babied a lot and is victim to underestimation and contempt. He never seems to have a problem with this, or at least he doesn't show it. His communication is rather limited. He doesn't even smile that much.

As for his name. His design came before it so he was tricky. Nothing seem to fit. Then I looked to his cousin which I created before him and inspiration struck!!!

I named Ed's boy Icarus. Awesome Greek mythology reference that coincides with the father. Yes. So I turned to it again for this guy! Pan -- the God of the Wild in Greek Mythology fits nicely because it sounds Xingese and this kiddo is very attuned to nature as Alkestry requires.

I must admit I've strung a few stories around in my head with no intention to anything with them. I think I'll post Icarus (who by the way is 4 years this kid's senior). He's not as fun to draw because he's like an Ed clone... >_>

Tell me if you like him. I rushed the image out of a little disinterest, but I love him anyways!

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