Sketch dump 48 Picture

I’ve decided to do bigger sketch dumps from now on, otherwise I’ll end up with the 100th one in no time. Too bad that it makes the descriptions quite long, too. And it makes the files difficult too handle, so I decided that this one is done because it started to become confusing. I even tried to sort them. Say thank you, people.

Long description is awfully long.

First row:
A whole row of roleplay characters of mine.
-Rain (a D&D shifter barbarian)
-My Champions of Norrath ranger whom I had simply named „Hero“ and who used to be the uhm let’s say protagonist, not hero, of some silly comics I did a while ago
-Avintyri, my WoW bloodelf (unwritten rule: male paladins are sissies, female paladins kick ass)
-Volurin, that other bloodelf
-Luthalla, my shoe-mad D&D highelf magician

Second row:
-Random mermaid.
-Epic stag. Doodled using a google reference.
-Étáin, a Sídhe lady from Irish mythology. My take on her is greatly inspired by the beautiful song by Leaves’ Eyes.

Third row:
-One of my OCs, a very young Lufienne pointing threatening prophesies at certain people. And if there were any colours, there’d be a thunderstorm in the background. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m abusing wheather effects.
-One more OC.
-In between: chibi version of a scene from that novel-in-progress of mine, but since it’s so nicely silly and the actual dialogue won’t be exactly like that, I suppose it’s spoiler-free.
-And a headshot for the very same series.

Fourth row:
-Well, moar. I draw too few happy-family-pictures.
-Balthamos and Baruch from His Dark Materials (with another google reference, because I’m afraid I’ll never be able to draw a cuddle without). It‘s quite funny to imagine that they ought to be translucent. Like, every part of them.
-And Lyra, Pan and the alethiometer. Just to express my undying love for these books (I’m rereading the books at the moment, my favourite activity to do while eating breakfast, trying to read as many of my favourite novels as possible because university tasks call be back)

Fifth row:
-Dragon hoard with dead dragon. Little illustration for my paper which I should be writing actually, but I should be doing a lot of other things than listening to music, scribbling and working on a fantasy novel. I’m sorry for the dragon skull. Dragons obviously are unlucky creatures, born to die so to say.
-So have a random unlikely-to-be-able-to-fly dragon on a random hoard. Inspired by the same paper. I hope this one survives.

Sixth row:
-Gawain in rage. It’s probably no big secret which Arthurian knight I adore most. That’s what studying medieval English literature does to you (and The Once and Future King, of course).
-Loras Tyrell from A Song of Ice and Fire. One of my best friends finally got me to reading the first four books. And I do enjoy them a lot (even though I still don’t think they’re THAT grand as everyone claims). It took me quite a while to warm up with at least some of the characters, though, and one of them was Loras, despite the fact that the rest of the Tyrells is a pack of despicable schemists. (I have told ya I have a week spot for vain chivalry, haven’t I?) But maybe I’m just terribly amused by the fact that the prettiest and most chivalrous (and well aware of it) knight at court is gay. Which I didn’t even realize before watching the show. Obviously, Martin was a bit too subtle to make me get it. On the other hand, it explains a lot. Like, this ridiculous flower armour which was hellish fun to draw.
-And Cersei Lannister, to have one of those people I don‘t like. But nobody does and likes to draw her all the same. Her hair is too epic. That must be it. And it’s tempting to design a new dress for her everyday. No Cersei, don’t worry, Margaery’s not prettier than you (we can argue about her bro).

…Why, yes, I’ve just stopped fooling around.
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