Saun Picture

Here is Saun. I have been trying for over a month to come up with a concept for a Satyr/Faun Pokemon. I had a hard time taking the Human-ness out of it. I used lots of paper trying to get the best Satyr concept I could. I had also asked Novoni if she would make a Satyr Pokemon, back when I thought there was no chance I would come up with one. She said hers is also finished (the sketch) she just needs to scan it. I sorta have an evo sketched. I need arms for it still though. It looks much more Satyr like than Saun does so it will probably have to evolve with a stone or item to compensate for such a drastic change. I had to do a Satyr Pokemon though because Satyrs are my favorite Mythological creature.

Type: Normal
Name: Satyr + Faun
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